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Exciting New Direction for High Achievers®!

Exciting news! Over the past few months, the team and I have been working on a new direction for High Achievers®. In this new direction, we have further defined our core values which reflect our passion. Our core values are our building blocks: Lead and Learn Open...

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Facebook Live Summit

The 2017 Small Business Summit is an opportunity for small business owners to get expert advice and information on a variety of topics that affect most small business owners – everything from sales and marketing to taxes and accounting.

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The New Business Environment

Without a specific plan, business professionals spend too much time changing direction, in trial and error mode, or being gripped by fear.  Change will definitely happen but how will you respond? Your response will determine your future.

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What is Service Anyway?

That is generally the case in a culture that has been built around those very basic expectations but if the culture has not been established, now is the time to start.  What’s your service DNA?

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Find Your Happy Place

To seek happiness, we have to realize the personal power we already possess. It’s important to constantly remind ourselves of the profound effect that we alone have over our destiny.

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