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What is stopping you from making an impact in your community?

We are looking for Local Business Heros in communities all over the world that are interested in a franchise opportunity. What that means is that we need entrepreneurs and business leaders that are well connected in a local community. Here at High Achievers®, we believe that we can make a cultural impact both socially and economically in local communities all over the world. High Achievers® is seeking individuals that have a heart and a passion for local business owners and their success. Who are these local business heroes? They are people just like you that have empathy and heart for the challenges that business owners face. That seek opportunities to help others and do the little things that will make the difference. Business leaders or individuals that have a talent for the hustle and want to help others on the journey of business ownership.

The High Achievers® franchise opportunity

Our franchise opportunity was built from the experience of our executive team. We have a lengthy background of being franchise owners and have owned multiple franchises in the past. Everyone on the High Achievers team has a history in local business owner and has lived the life of an. Brith from that experience, we put together systems and support that will provide a lifestyle brand that generates revenue and positivity. Here are the basics of the High Achievers franchise opportunity:

Under $50k in total investment

No employees requirement

No retail space requirement

Tiny monthly overhead

Make your schedule

Day to the first dollar in 30-45 days

Recurring income stream

Access to 30+ business expert coaches

Business owner not buying a job

System rewards success

The High Achievers franchise opportunity makes revenue through memberships

At the heart of the business, as the franchise owner, you will be a leader in the membership economy when it comes to business services. You would offer local business owners three levels of membership that will help them reach success based on their needs and business challenges.  Here are the three membership levels that you have available with a High Achievers franchise opportunity.

Catalyst Mastermind Group™

The Mastermind program would pull together 6-8 franchise owners in a local area/ city to help each other with best practices, strategies, tactics, shared wisdom, and accountability. The Catalyst Mastermind Group has a dedicated facilitator that is there to make sure everyone has a voice and to make sure the agenda is followed. The facilitator is not here to sell anything or provide any other service.  Our Catalyst Mastermind Group meets once a month for 3 hours and helps business owners to be more successful and not feel alone on their journey.

Nexpert Coaching Program™

The Nexpert Coaching Program was established to help business owners get expert advice, coaching, and consulting for the most significant challenges they face. We have gathered a community of 30 coaches that specialize in one to two significant areas of expertise. There is no generalist on our team. The Nexpert Coaching Program allows the member to switch from one coach to the next as there need changes. Each month they would get 2 hours of coach/ consulting from a Nexpert that they have hand-selected from our community of coaches.

Business Fuel™

The Business Fuel Program is for C level Executives with ten or more employees, and the company’s total revenue be between two to ten million. The Business Fuel Program also requires that you visit a group in your area and participate in a business assessment before you can participate in one of our groups. The Business Fuel Group meets once a month as a peer advisory board that is no bigger than twelve members.

The members also have access to our Nexpert Coaching Program and benefit from a mid-month accountability meeting with the group’s Chairperson. Lastly, each member has the opportunity to give back by to other business owners by launching their own Catalyst Mastermind Group that will help them make a social and economic impact in the community where they live and work.

My Achievement Dashboard™

All of our programs are backed up by our My Achievement Dashboard, which is a cloud-based technology platform. Members can reach this Platform from any device or web-based browser. The Platform allows them to track everything about their journey of success. They can track goals, actions, behaviors, and accountability through the portal. As a member, they will also be able to track notes from each Catalyst Mastermind Group, Nexpert Coaching session, or Business Fuel Group.

IFE New York

If you are in the Northeast and want to personally meet with our team about the High Achievers Franchise Opportunity, we will be at the International Franchise Association Conference in New York City. The dates for this event are MAY 30-JUNE 1, 2019 and will be at the Javits Center.

Need more information about the conference please check out

If you want to know more about the High Achievers Franchise Opportunity, please check out our franchise site here.