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High Achievers and Trustegrity,
Trustegrity and High Achievers is an incredible place where business people connect, confide, and collaborate. Our communities are more important now than ever! Let’s make every effort to support each other and strengthen our community during these challenging times. Our Leadership Team has been actively monitoring the coronavirus situation. The information shared below is intended to inform you with objective and actionable data that we can use to guide as events unfold. Our mission right now is critical; business leaders and business people around the country need our support and guidance to help succeed through this challenging situation. We are considering putting together an emergency response team of coaches and leaders who can help members navigate this difficult time. If you’re interested in helping with this initiative, please let us know.
This is a serious situation that will have negative outcomes on health and business. We are prepared to provide you with helpful information. We will be utilizing conference calls, webinars, the CDC website, and other websites and sources.
The virus is not particularly harmful to younger people (below age 60) who are otherwise healthy. However, the virus is very contagious—more so than seasonal influenza—and can be transmitted by people who show no symptoms. Therefore, containing the virus to prevent spreading will be challenging for the foreseeable future. Again, younger, healthy people will generally experience only mild to moderate effects of the virus. The real concern is for our older population, and if the pandemic gets completely out of control, our healthcare systems will be overwhelmed.
With these facts in mind, the risk of transmission must be mitigated. Fortunately, our groups are small, and our current advice, to prevent transmission, is to follow good basic practices such as hand washing, using sanitizer, and definitely not attending any meetings if there’s any sign of sickness. We play a big part in helping local communities and local businesses with the right connections, peer support, and knowledge sharing. The next several months will be a difficult time for most businesses, including ours, and how we react is incredibly important. Below are several proactive options for ongoing meetings.
We will begin implementing some, if not all, of the following measures over the coming days and weeks. We are trying to be as ready as possible, and we are taking a zero-tolerance approach to disease transmission. 
 • Be prepared to work from home. 
 • All chairs will be given access to our Zoom online meeting account in the event you do not have one of your own. This may be used in lieu of physical meetings if deemed necessary by your chair or required by your local government.
 • Reduce or eliminate nonessential travel.
 • If you feel sick and symptomatic, please stay home, especially if you are experiencing fever, cough, or shortness of breath.
 • Please follow all social distancing best practices, as recommended by the CDC.
 • The current meeting recommendations from the CDC are to limit meetings of groups greater than 50. If your groups do meet physically, please follow the best practices on this link. Social connectivity will be important, as many of us will feel isolated. Continue to meet via zoom for your meetings and reconnect power groups.  
In every challenge, there’s always opportunity. As some of our group meetings and events move online, please continue to introduce Trustegrity and High Achievers to other business people. They may, in fact, need it more now than ever, and if your meeting is online, it will be very easy to send out links for local businesses to join you. What we do to help business owners connect, confide, and collaborate is more important now than ever before. 
If any of you have questions regarding the above information or an additional suggestion, please do not hesitate to contact any of our team members.
We will persevere. Perseverance the unique ability to not give up to push harder when others quit and to achieve your goals in ways that most people deem impossible!  Perseverance is why warriors push through, why leaders learn, grow, pivot, but don’t quit, and why entrepreneurs do the impossible. We will persevere through these challenging times, but we will need each other. The High Achievers and Trustegrity Team is here for you!