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Walter Marques Nexpert Business Coach and Expert in Leadership and Talent Management.

Walter Marques is one of the expert coaches in the High Achievers® Nexpert Coaching Program. Our team at High Achievers put together a community of business coaches that are expert in one or two areas of business or life. The Nexpert Coaching Program will allow you to get coaching and consulting for the most significant business challenges you face. Currently, our coaches cover over more than a hundred areas of expertise to help business owners build the business of their dreams.

Because no one coach has all the answers or is knowledgeable about every aspect of business ownership, you get the opportunity to change coaches as needed. You can move from one expert to the next as you remove roadblocks and accomplish your goals. As a member of the Nexpert coaching program, you will also have access to the My Achievement Dashboard that is available with any device with browser capability and internet access. The My Achievement Dashboard will allow you to to set and track your goals. Set action steps and behaviors and also will help you have accountability to see things through.

Walter Marques helps veteran business owners

Walter is one of the many coaches in our Nexpert Coaching Program, and his areas of expertise are leadership development and talent management. Walter helps military veteran business owners navigate their new ventures. As a 20 year veteran of the Marine Corp, he understands the complexities of being an entrepreneur after military service. As a Member of our Nexpert Coaching Program, he will come along beside you and help you get the wisdom and guidance you need on your journey.

How to get started in the Nexpert Coaching Program?

How to get started? The best way to get get started in the Nexpert Coaching Program is to sign up for a Power Grid Session with Walter. The Power Grid session will allow you to identify the most significant challenges you face in your business. Once identified, Walter will help you prioritize the challenges and construct an action plan to help you reach your goals.