Mastermind Groups

Helping local business owners through wisdom, guidance, and education

Most common reasons businesses fail


Not the right team


No market for services


Cash flow issues

Do you have these challeges?

Mastermind groups provide shared wisdom

As a local business owner, you are facing many challenges and need the wisdom, accountability, and support of business owners just like you. Each month our Catalyst Mastermind Groups™ meet in groups of ten or so members to help support one another with shared experience and knowledge. Each member is on a path, just like you, to build the business of their dreams and reach their goals. Our mastermind groups will provide you a fantastic way to not only develop plans and set goals but to also help you take action steps to solve your most substantial challenges. Being a local business owner can be a lonely position but having a community of other business owners will help you dismiss that feeling of isolation. Our mastermind groups will help you build confidence and create a pathway for your success in both life and work. At High Achievers®, we provide these mastermind groups so you can Embrace a Lifestyle of High Achievement™.

Why you may need a business coaching company?

High Achievers® is a global business coaching company that understands what business owners need. Just like elite top performing athletes have coaches who work with them, encourage them, push them, and hold them accountable, business owners and entrepreneurs need a business coach. A business coach to help them tap into their potential, develop business skills, push them to take action to reach their business goals, and hold them accountable along the way. We have multiple options for your business coaching needs and will help you live a Lifestyle of High Achievement ™.

Catalyst Mastermind Group™

When you are working at your business every day, sometimes it is hard to get anything done. Once you have discovered that business coaching is right for you, then you need to refine your choices. We find most entrepreneurs and business owners need business skills, business coaching, and mastermind group. If this sounds like you, this is the perfect way to get started.

Nexpert Coaching™

We offer a one-to-one business coaching program we call Nexpert Coaching™ where our clients have access not to just a single coach who works as a generalist but to an entire faculty of coaches who have been in your shoes. Each month you will get access to a different specialist based on your specific company needs. You will have access to coaches that have different areas of expertise.

Business Fuel™

As a company is growing or expanding they may find that they need to get everyone in company leadership or management on the same page. Maybe your team needs specific coaching or training in essential business skills. Having a business coaching company that can put together custom coaching and training package can help you bring the success.

Franchise Opportunity

If you are a current business coach, expert networker, or an entrepreneur with a passion for helping business owners get to the next level, we have an excellent opportunity for you. We are opening groups across the globe and are seeking partners that want a turnkey opportunity that will make an impact in their local business community.

Ready to succeed?


You will not get platitudes and pretty slogans, but you will get Action-Based Experiential Learning from experts in their field who will hold you accountable. Learning with action is important. For every coach on our team and in all three of our major coaching platforms, we use ABEL™ as one of the most critical aspects that sets us apart from other business coaching companies.

Pick A Coach

When you are a business owner, entrepreneur or a business leader that is looking for a business coach there are several essential points to consider. We have been there and understood what is like to be a boardroom of one and need a business coach that you can trust to help you accomplish your goals. We have put together a list of the key factors in picking the perfect coach.

Coaching Platform

When we investigated the technology that other business coaches were using to track the success their clients were having. We reached out to many well-known business coaches. Many were using spreadsheets, others kept notes in various word processors, and some were just using three-ring binders to keep up with their clients. We have built the first cloud-based coaching platform for business coaches.

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