Imagine having your own peer advisory board.

As a local business owner, you are facing many challenges and need the wisdom, accountability, and support of business owners just like you. Each month our Catalyst Mastermind Groups™ meet in groups of ten or so members to help support one another with shared experience and knowledge. Each member is on a path, just like you, to build the business of their dreams and reach their goals. Our mastermind groups will provide you a fantastic way to not only develop plans and set goals but to also help you take action steps to solve your most substantial challenges. Being a local business owner can be a lonely position but having a community of other business owners will help you dismiss that feeling of isolation. Our mastermind groups will help you build confidence and create a pathway for your success in both life and work. At High Achievers®, we provide these mastermind groups so you can Embrace a Lifestyle of High Achievement™.

High Achievers help business owners to build the business of their dreams.

Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Business, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

The Nexpert Coaching Program allows you to seek advice, wisdom, coaching, and consulting from experts to deal with your business challenges. The way our system works is we identify the areas you face challenges in your business. Then we help you prioritize them into an effective plan of action. Next, we pair you with the right expert at the right time. Each month you will be able to switch from expert to expert in our Nexpert Coaching Community as your business needs change. There is no one business coach or consultant that can fix every issue you face. So, why work with just one coach that never wants you to leave them.

Why Nexpert Coaching works?

No one business coach has all the answers.

In today’s business world, you need the right guidance and help at the right time, from experts. We have built the Nexpert Coaching Program with a community of coaches that are expert in one or two areas or fields. As your business needs change, you can switch to the next expert. The Nexpert Coaching Program will allow your business to reach your goals faster and find the success you always wanted.

What is a Power Grid?

We want you to find the right solutions to your challenges at the correct time. To do this, we start each client with a short assessment to find the areas that your company has challenges. Once we identify your challenges Our Nexpert Coaching Team will help you build a plan based on priorities. You will receive a customized business coaching plan. Then the Nexpert Coaching Team will help pair you with the perfect Nexpert Coach for your situations and preferences.

Our Mission:

We create success for our entrepreneurial members and their teams, families, and communities by inspiring People, igniting Passion, creating Profit, and making a Social Impact!

Our Vision:

Empowering the world to embrace a Lifestyle of High Achievement™

Core Values

Lead and Learn, Open to Opportunities, Vision and Value, Excellence and Execution

The High Achievers Approach

  In our experience as a business owners and running growing teams, We learned that no one has all the answers. You understand that owning a business can be a lonely job, and to reach your goals, you need expert advice.

High Achievers® helps business owners with business coaching and peer to peer advisory boards. We find that walking our clients through a Power Grid session and helping them discover the challenges that they face. Starting with an in-depth business assessment will help them find success faster. Most of the time business owners know that have something that is stopping them from reaching their goals but are not sure how to build a plan to provide a solution. Even if they did make an idea of having the ability to pick and choose the right business coaches or consultants form a high vetted community is rare.

High Achievers® works with business owners to listen to the challenges they face, construct a path to success, and provide them with the resources to make it happen. Nothing gives me more joy than helping my clients build the business of their dreams. You have a precious opportunity to work with our network of expert business coaches and make an economic and social impact in your community. Sometimes you need someone to come along beside you and provide wisdom and guidance. If you are looking for a Business Coaching and consulting or a peer advisory group, then take a moment to schedule a Power Grid session with High Achievers® and see what is possible.

High Achievers helps business owners find the success they have always dreamed of through expert coaching and peer to peer advisory groups.

How It Works

Schedule a Free Power Grid

For you to take a moment and consider the roadblocks that are stopping you and your company from being successful, we start each client off with a Power Grid session. The session will allow you to take an in-depth look at your most significant challenges and missed opportunities that surround your business and life.


Build a Coaching Plan

Once we have identifies the challenges that you and your business are facing, we can start to build a plan. During the Power Grid session, we will help structure a pathway to success that will provide the wisdom and guidance you need. You will come away with action steps to immediately improve your business.

Reach Your Goals

On your journey to improve your business, you will be provided with coaching and consulting on the right steps to take. You will have to do the work and effort to take action necessary to reach your goals. Through the Nexpert Coaching program, you will be able to choose the right steps at the right time. You will have a plan and strategy to reach your goals.

Nexpert Coaching Package

Gain access to a growing network of expert coaching to help you be more successful and build the business of your dreams.

Peer Advisory Board

Join a Catalyst Mastermind Group today. Gain access to a small group of like-minded business owners to help you be more successful and build the business of your dreams.

More Details

Once you go through our Power Grid business assessment, you will be assigned to a local group as well as have access to the My Achievement Dashboard™ Platform. Both of these tools will help you track goals, actions, behaviors, and accountability. All groups meet locally and we will have to help you determine what group is a good fit for you. The cloud-based platform will allow you to track your group meetings and business success. Each month you will work with a small group one day a month. 

Interested in a High Achievers® Franchise?

Another way High Achievers helps business owners is by empowering them to make an impact.