Are you

Looking for a cloud-based business coaching platform?

Need a better way to track

There are two ways to work with us as a coach. One is applying to be a part of our coaching team.  We are building a highly trained team of specialized coaches to help take our clients business to the next level.  The second way to work with us is using an innovative cloud-based business coaching platform we have developed called My Achievement Dashboard™.  In the process improving our software to manage our business, coaches, clients, and franchisees we discovered through interviews with multiple coaches that many coaches do not have a business coaching platform in place to help their clients go to the next level as well as manage their coaching practice.  Realizing this need, we have designed a cloud-based business coaching platform to help you as a successful coach take your training to the next level.

Do you currently track everything in a spreadsheet?

Worse yet do you keep track of everything in a three-ring binder? Your clients and their progress?

Would you like to have all your client records and coaching notes available to use anywhere at any time?  Imagine running your coaching practice from your smartphone on the beach.

Better yet, your clients can enter their notes, commitments, accountability, and gratitude in the cloud so you can both view anywhere.

What We Offer Business Coaches

  • Keep track of all client records within one easy to use dashboard that can be used on any device.
  • Completely customizable, several color selections as well as the ability to put your logo on the business coaching platform and integrate with your website, with a member or client login button.
  • Your coaching clients will be able to enter the following into the system: notes, commitments, accountabilities, see your coach/client event scheduling, goals, action items, and gratitude.
  • As a coach, you will be able to enter client notes for your clients to see and private records for coaches only as well as schedule appointments with your clients.

Our pricing structure is a nominal monthly investment to run a coaching practice:

$29.99 Basic

This has the necessary functionally to run a coaching practice. All on one platform online.

This is the initial release of the My Achievement Dashboard™ system. We anticipate many upgrades and enhancements as more coaches join our team.