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Nexpert Coaching™ helps business owners face their challenges and Embrace a Lifestyle of High Achievement™

Most small business owners go into business because they are outstanding at a specific service or creating a particular product. For many, their business is centered on a product or service that is a passion for that business owner. Unfortunately, this leaves many business owners unprepared for some of the day-to-day necessities. Some struggle with sales while others are challenged by issues related to human resources or marketing.

Nexpert™ Coaching

What is the purpose of business coaching?

The purpose of a business coach is to help bridge the gap between a business owner’s abilities and knowledge and the abilities and knowledge required to run a successful business.

This is why High Achievers® provides our clients with a coaching program that we call “Nexpert Coaching.”

Rather than work with a single coach who has to be (and often is not) an expert in many fields, at High Achievers® we pair our clients with coaches who are experts in a specific area. Our client’s coaching program is customized for them, and the client has never force-fed a standardized program that might not address their unique needs.

Nexpert Coaching™ is a one on one business coaching program for small business owners.

Through our Nexpert Coaching™ program, our clients may spend several months working with a specific coach who has a deep understanding of any particular area that might create challenges for a small business owner.  The Nexpert™ coaching program is a one-to-one coaching program that puts a business owner with a specific coach who is going to help them solve specific problems.

Together, the coach and the client dig deep to get to the heart of the issues facing the business owner in that specific area. And when the client and coach agree that the client has mastered that area and has a valuable action plan for tackling that particular problem, the client then moves on to the “Next Expert” – the next coach who can provide guidance and help in another area where the small business owner is struggling.

What makes Nextpert Coaching™ so different from other business coaching programs?

Hugh Grey is our director of operations with over 15 years experience a business coach at High Achievers®, is convinced that the Nexpert Coaching™ program provides business owners with a better path toward higher achievement than they might find with traditional kids of coaches.  Because of its ability to match an expert with an entrepreneur’s needs “One of the unique things about the Nexpert Coaching™ program is that we have a faculty of coaches,” Hugh says. “We have an expert in every field who can help focus on a specific issue with the client. A lot of business coaches are generalists, and they’re good with the coaching and setting goals and holding the business owner accountable, but they may not have the expertise in the needs of the business owner.”

In the Nexpert Coaching™ program, a coach might work with a business owner for anywhere from three to six months, spending typically 45 minutes every two weeks communicating with the client. These sessions can be done face-to-face in person or through telecommunications.

The Nexpert Coaching™ will offer actionable suggestions for helping the business owner overcome struggles in the business, but as High Achievers®, President and CEO David Alexander point out, the coaching program is not about offering platitudes.

Nexpert™ Coaching

Take Action and have accountability with your business coach.

“We’re not going to tell you that the answer is inside of yourself and help draw it out,” Alexander says. “We’re going to give you action steps that you can put to work to solving your issues, and then we’re going to hold you accountable.”

Hugh says one of the most important aspects of working with a coach, particularly a coach who is an expert in the challenge a client is facing, is the ability of that coach to hold the client accountable. The Nexpert Coach™ needs to make sure that the client is carrying through with the steps that are necessary for solving the business problem.

For any small business owner, accountability is an essential part of facing the challenges that aren’t always easy or enjoyable to deal with as you face challenges. Hugh says this is one of the reasons that the Nexpert™ coaching program is so valuable.

“When it comes to learning and training and education, what’s most important is implementing the training and the education,” Hugh says. “With the Nexpert Coaching™ program, the coach will hold you accountable for what you’ve learned in the previous session. That’s a great piece of the program.

“We know we need to do something, but we don’t necessarily do it. But when I know that I’m going to be working with a coach and they’re going to say, ‘Hey, have we done this?’ then I’m going to get it done.”

Hugh compares business coaching to an athlete working with a trainer.

“Just like a sports coach would work with one of their players and help them over a season to get better every day, a business coach works with an entrepreneur or a small business owner and helps them tackle the issues that are acting as obstacles to getting their business to the next level.”

Nexpert™ Coaching

Are you a business coach?

If you are looking to leverage your network to generate more significant revenue, so you can live a lifestyle of High Achievement™, please contact us. We also have franchise opportunities that may be a good fit for you and your local network. If you would like to find out more please follow this link and fill out the form on the page and get started on a path to success.