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What is customer service anyway?

What is customer service anyway?

That is generally the case in a culture that has been built around those very basic expectations but if the culture has not been established, now is the time to start.  What’s your service DNA?

Find Your Happy Place

Find Your Happy Place

To seek happiness, we have to realize the personal power we already possess. It’s important to constantly remind ourselves of the profound effect that we alone have over our destiny.

For The New Year Give Up To Give More

Business and a successful life is all about relationships and relationships are all about quality time. It brings me great joy to be able to hang out with amazing people, make money and have fun doing it. I encourage you to Give Up To Give More.

The Power of Community

Massive pain can be a catalyst for massive growth, however, it is NOT a prerequisite! One of the most powerful ways to change your life is through a community. On April 24 in Vancouver, High Achievers in conjunction with Universal Seminars hosted roughly 250 Canadians...

Planning is worthless!

You may wonder why I would follow the last blog post Failing to plan is like planning to fail, really, with a blog titled Planning is Worthless! Actually worthless may have been a slight exaggeration… My intention was to point out that planning without follow...

Is Networking Still Relevant?

Connections don’t build anything. An interesting article clearly using the literary device to get more readers and to cause thought and conversation. Please read the article first. If you think that I have a few opinions on the subject, you would be right. Most of my...