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Give Up To Give More

Sometimes you have to slow down to give more!

We live in an over-stimulated, overcommitted, always rushing to catch up world. Last year, I decided to Give Up To Give More. I intended to give up a few things for only a few weeks, but a few weeks turned into a few months and that turned into almost a year.

I started by giving up Facebook. I made a silly little agreement with myself that I would not post on Facebook until I wrote my next blog. By the way, for full disclosure, I’m a big fan of Facebook! I still use it to check on upcoming events for the groups that I’m in, but other than that, I’ve had very little interaction and have not personally posted anything. This was not a purposeful thought out decision. It was more or less just something that happened.

After I gave up Facebook, I started giving up other things as well. I started limiting the time I was posting on other social media accounts and limiting time spent searching the web. I started saying no to many projects and initiatives that came across my plate. I even backed out of some entrepreneurial ventures I was involved in.

Why do we have a stigma around quitting?

As silly as this is, I have discovered quitting can be one the most powerful things that you can do. If doing something is not achieving the desired result, why not stop doing it? This applies to many of the different walks in our lives. By the way, quitting is not easy for me. I tend to be one of those people who see things through no matter what, but quitting has given me back some great freedoms.

These are some of the things that have changed in my life since I decided To Give Up To Give More:

  1. My already good marriage has improved. Amazing what happens when you focus more on your significant other than on social media.
  2. I had my best participation times ever in my favorite sport of triathlon.
  3. I have started to find my passion again with my business. I have redeveloped High Achievers into a Mastermind Company. Putting business people together and facilitating a discussion about taking their business to the next level is what I am most passionate about. That transition is in the process, and we are doing amazing work.
  4. I have deepened key business and personal relationships because I have been able to spend more time focusing on what’s really important people!
  5. I have realized that I have a simple yet profound mission, which is do all I can to help my team and my family be successful!
  6. I have relaunched the High Achievers website. Check it out
  7. I have learned to be very present in my current environment. In other words, if I’m at a meeting, I’m present at the meeting. If I’m meeting someone, I’m present to them. If I’m with my family, I’m focused on them, not other things.

This is me and the way I generally handle quitting! It is tough for me to quit anything!

I have a quick exercise for you.

Think about these following areas of your life: Family, Field, Faith, Fun, Finances, and Fitness. Now, after giving that some thought, do the following:
1. Write down what is most important to you related to that area of your life.
2. What can you give up in that area to focus on the most important thing?

Business and successful life are all about relationships and relationships are all about quality time. It brings me great joy to be able to hang out with amazing people, make money and have fun doing it. I encourage you to Give Up To Give More.

Happy New Year! It’s been a while since we have published a blog. Have you missed us?  While we have been away, we have built an amazing team of bloggers who are committed to taking you and your business to the next level. Stay tuned for lots of great content in 2017! I hope these thoughts were helpful. If they were, would you please share it with your network?

Yours in achievement,