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Are you going to miss out on an incredible opportunity?

Are you going to miss out on an incredible opportunity?

As a Local business owner, there is a fine line between making it or just getting by. When you are on the cusp of achieving greatness you need that one thing that will provide the edge you need. Over the years we have found that the one thing that can tip the balance...
Find Your Happy Place

Find Your Happy Place

To seek happiness, we have to realize the personal power we already possess. It’s important to constantly remind ourselves of the profound effect that we alone have over our destiny.

For The New Year Give Up To Give More

Business and a successful life is all about relationships and relationships are all about quality time. It brings me great joy to be able to hang out with amazing people, make money and have fun doing it. I encourage you to Give Up To Give More.

Choices–How to handle a bad referral. By: David Alexander

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.” Dr. Seuss. That quote really makes me think. We face many relationship choices every day. So what do you do when people do things that just don’t make...

Right Here Right Now by David Alexander

Have you ever been to a meeting and it was obvious that people were not present? Have you ever sat down face-to-face with somebody for dinner or a business meeting and the person you were meeting with was clearly distracted by other things? Have you ever run a meeting...

Connections are AWESOME, don’t forget the milk! By David Alexander

I hope you are having a great summer.  I certainly have.  Rich and I have been so busy we have fallen behind on writing Referral Fire over the last two months, however, we are back.  Our adventures have given us lots of material to write about. Nearly everything we do...