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What is ABEL?

An ABEL workshop is an experience built on our educational model called ABEL. ABEL stands for Action Based Experiential Learning. You will be active, engaged, encouraged, inspired to create success, and experience breakthroughs. It also means that we remove everything we don’t like about training. No more dry, boring, long, events where you need six cups of coffee to make it through the event. We encourage you to explore all of our ABEL Workshops. They fall into two categories.

The first category is what we call Mindset. These programs dig deep into what is holding you back from achieving your true potential. These programs create Focus, Discipline and Personal Growth. To truly live a lifestyle of achievement, we believe that is takes a commitment to lifelong learning.


  1. Forty Days of Focus
  2. Four Levels of Integrity
  3. Lifestyle of Achievement, 40 Days of Focus Series
  4. Mindset Coaching

Next are our Skillset Programs. It’s one thing to have the correct mindset, but without the tools, techniques, and systems to accomplish your goals, you may find that success is still out of reach.


  1. Networking Like a Pro
  2. Superior Selling
  3. Personal Marketing
  4. Productivity From The Inside Out
  5. Skill set Coaching