Being a small business owner can be a lonely journey. Is joining on of our Catalyst Groups™ be right for you?

Too often, when entrepreneurs have to make important decisions which will have a significant impact on their business, on their personal lives, and on the lives of their employees, they find that the only person they can look to for help and guidance is the person looking at them in the mirror. Could joining one of our Catalyst Groups™ be right for you?

At HIGH ACHIEVERS® we know that even the best business owners don’t have all the right answers all the time, and sometimes it’s good to have a sounding board.

For those business owners who feel the lonesome weight of being the sole decision maker, we have created the CATALYST GROUPS™, a monthly mastermind community where business owners have the opportunity to work with other like-minded business owners. They can develop essential relationships, learn critical information about running a business, and get the kind of feedback that is important when making those vital decisions regarding the business.

David Alexander is the President and CEO of HIGH ACHIEVERS®, and in his career, he has been involved in more than 20 businesses from the start-up, through growth, and then to exit stages. As David says, “No matter where an entrepreneur is in their business, I have been where you are right now.”

Catalyst Groups are designed to help and support you.

“Owning a small business can be a grind,” David continues. “It can be the loneliest thing in the world when you are faced with an important decision, you look around the boardroom, and it’s a boardroom of one.”

Our CATALYST GROUPS™ are designed to help you support the weight of that responsibility.

The CATALYST GROUPS™, like most mastermind groups, meet for an entire day once a month. The structure of the session is designed to allow a group of business owners to split the day between generalized training in the mornings to specific discussions in the afternoons.

The 24 critical business skills every entrepreneur and business owner need to know.

Conducted by HIGH ACHIEVERS® experts, the morning session focuses on training in one of 24 critical business areas. We tackle topics that are universal to all small businesses: improving sales, marketing, delivery of a service or product, time management and 20 more topics. These issues are vital to the growth and health of any small business, but often these are areas where a small business owner may struggle to make the best decisions.

Our training is designed to give business owners better tools for making these decisions.

In the afternoon, the business owners participate in one of our CATALYST GROUPS™ mastermind sessions where time is spent discussing the day’s topic in a roundtable forum. This mastermind concept allows a peer-to-peer discussion of the topic that focuses on specific issues that members of the group may face. This session also allows the business owners to create specific action plans and then hold each other accountable.

James Barber, one of the coaches at HIGH ACHIEVERS®, says the groups typically consist of 10 to 12 business owners. Keeping the groups small is by design.

“We don’t want a large group of business owners in there because we want everybody to participate,” James continues. “It’s not like you come, you’re a part of it, but you just sit there and don’t do anything. We want people to participate, ask questions, chime in. We have exercises where everybody works together, or we split up into teams where we work on exercises to make sure that the topic of the day is understood.”

Catalyst Groupscan provide you mastermind solution that allows you to take action?

James mentions that one of the real values of the CATALYST GROUPS™ is the peer-to-peer discussion that takes place in the afternoon mastermind sessions. Here, he says, the members of the group can drill into the topic of the day to dramatically expand their understanding of how the information can help them as entrepreneurs and consequently help their business.

“In the mastermind session, we’ll talk about what were some discoveries made about today’s topic and what were some challenges that you had with the topic,” James continues. “We’ll also talk about what are some action steps to take and what commitments will you make moving forward.”

James says the CATALYST GROUPS™ serve a vitally important role for business owners who are looking to grow their level of success. Through these groups, business owners can learn from experts and then work with their peers to broaden their understanding of the 24 topics that are critical to business success.

If you are a small business owner and you are facing issues that are preventing you from growing your business and achieving the levels of success that you hoped for, we hope you’ll take some time to investigate our CATALYST GROUPS™ to learn if this might be something that can help you. We encourage you to take our self-assessment and then reach out to discuss with our team how our CATALYST GROUPS™ can benefit your business.

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