Meet Our Coaching Team

David Alexander

My Why Is: Dream

Area of Specialization: Leadership, Franchising

Date joined the Network: 1/01/2018

David has had the opportunity to work with thousands of business people and companies showing them how to dramatically increase their business profitability while growing them into leaders in their communities. He loves small business and has personally been involved in over 20 small business and franchises. One of his favorite things to do is bring that knowledge to our members so they can build the business of their dreams.

David says he has an AWESOME family. His interests are: running, exercising, RV camping and spending quality time with family and friends. He lives the life of his dreams and is passionate about helping others do so as well.

Certified Networker Program

Personality Insights DISC Certified Instructor

Landmark Education

He is a graduate of Western Carolina University

Co-Wrote: Networking Like a Pro

Co-Wrote: Roadmap to Success

Co-Wrote: Stepping Stones to Success

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Kimberly J. Alexander

My why is: My Herd

Area of Specialization: Video, Photography, IT Project Management, Non-Profit Management

Date joined Network: 01/01/2018

Kimberly has worked in the photography and video production world for 18 plus years. She ran a very successful studio that worked with families and professional athletes. She is also currently producing the video for our internal and external training.

Kimberly is High Achievers Chief Technology Officer and Partner of High Achievers ®. Kimberly is responsible for our technology platforms for our members, Coaching Platform, SaaS, and everything else that makes High Achievers’ technology wheel keep moving toward success.

She is proud of being a veteran of the Army Reserves. Today she still uses the discipline and tenacity she learned there to bring success to her projects now.

Kimberly has served on PTSA Executive Boards and Foundation Boards of her children’s middle and high school. She loves to volunteer and help others in her community.

She is a graduate of Gardner-Webb University.

Certified Networker Program

Personality Insights DISC Certified Instructor

Landmark Education

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Sherri Baiamonte

My why is: Growth

Area of Specialization: Human Resources- Aligning People and Business Goals

Date joined Network: 05/01/2018

I began my career in Human Resources in 1994 working for the local government entity where I was born and resided with my young family. After 10 years, our family relocated to Roswell, Georgia where I continued my career in HR working for a small recruiting firm with an aggressive growth plan. In 2008, I was recruited by a privately held, multi-state, project-based employer with an aggressive 5 year growth plan where HR was embedded in the operations of the business and involved in every aspect of each project from RFP completion to project launch and program sustainability…the full life-cycle of the business. In 2011, after realizing my passion for facilitating the success of small businesses and entrepreneurs and informally coaching regarding HR matters, I joined the ranks of my clients and founded HRMA in order to continue partnering with small business owners to achieve their business goals while fulfilling my own passion.

BA from Southeastern Louisiana University and after starting HRMA

SPHR certification

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James Barber

My Why Is: Difference Maker

Area of Specialization: Personal Finance, Building a Vision\Mission\Core Values

Date joined the Network: 1/01/2018

James has worked with small business development for twenty-five plus years. He loves to help people grow personally and in their business. James feels that assisting others to develop as a small business owner will help them make an impact on their family and the community around them. He has owned and sold his own small business, and currently give back in my local chamber of commerce as an ambassador. He volunteers time in several faith-based organizations in my local community.

James has spoken to many groups around the world to help business owners build a real plan and formulate how to construct a Vision, Mission, and Core values to act as a guidepost for everything they do inside and outside of their company. It helps them focus on the right things for the right reasons and build culture. He genuinely desires to be a blessing to those that he has the opportunity to serve.


The Networking Guru – Traits of Champion Networkers

The Networking Guru – The Next Level

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Nii Codjoe

My why is: Empower

Area of Specialization: Millennials Workforce, Sales, and Marketing Funnels

Date joined Network: 05/01/2018

Nii Codjoe is COO of Personality Hacker, a Myers-Briggs company with clients ranging from CNN to Zappos. He has seven years of marketing, product and strategy experience. Previously, he worked at a boutique consulting firm, a marketing agency, and two startups.

Months after graduating from college, Plisten, his first startup, was accepted into a 3-month, accelerator program in Silicon Valley — sponsored by Google and Andreessen Horowitz, a venture capital firm.

Nii has the heart for coaching, a passion stemming from his father, a college professor, who instilled within him a love for teaching. For three years, Nii has been advising entrepreneurs on how to build products, market them and manage millennials. Today, he sits on the board of Story Arc, an early-stage company that creates video courses for influencers. Nii lives in Atlanta, Ga with his wife, Anahndi. His passions include reading books and having “coffee chats” with interesting people

Kennesaw State University: Bachelor’s Degree in English & Professional Communication.

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Joanne Funchess

My why is: Joy

Area of Specialization: Career Transition, Leadership Development

Date joined Network: 6/01/2018

Joy is at the core of all that I do, and it is literally who I am. It is a powerful gift that God has given me to impact the lives of others positively.

When I first started my business, I was helping companies appreciate their clients and employees. I merely wanted people to feel joy, to feel valued by outwardly expressing appreciation. It resulted in an integral part of the marketing process which drives retention and grows organizations by attracting referrals.

I have 20 years of experience in communications and over ten years in
marketing, which included building relationships, retaining relationships and promoting news stories for one of the largest newspapers in the Southeast.

I can create a culture of joy and appreciation within the paper and with our partners. That is the superpower that I can bring to businesses. I connect with business leaders and have a transparent and authentic conversation that leads to appreciation being expressed in their voice and helps them build a genuine culture of joy.

BA in Mass Communications from Morris Brown College
Leader at World Harvest Church, Roswell, GA

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Hugh Grey

My Why Is: Stewardship

Area of Specialization: Business Planning, Goal setting

Date joined the Network: 1/01/2018

Hugh started in the Business Coaching and Training Industry in January 2003. He helps business leaders with business planning, marketing, and leadership development through practical training and coaching.

He has extensive experience working with businesses to be more effective and efficient. Hugh has trained hundreds of people on how to communicate their messages more successfully. Areas of focus are Managing Effective Relationships, Consultative Selling, Referral Marketing, Business Planning, Goal setting, and Team Building.

Before starting his company, Hugh worked as a Tennis Teaching Professional and Director. He played Tennis in college and still competes in a few tournaments a year. He enjoys staying active, reading, and spending time with his family.

Hugh has a heart of service and firmly believes in helping others reach their potential.

Hugh has an undergraduate degree in Sports Management. He received his MBA from Pfeiffer University

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Iris Grimm

My why is: Inspire & Enrich

Area of Specialization: Work-Life Balance, Conversational Intelligence

Date joined Network: 05/01/2018

Iris Grimm has been serving her clients for the last 18 years coaching them to create a life and a workplace they love.

Originally from Germany, her international experience and intercultural sensitivity combined with her communication skills and leadership presence provide a safe ground for professionals to address cultural and profound workplace and leadership challenges. Iris brings a variety of wisdom, knowledge, and practicality to her clients to open them up to new perspectives and ideas. Besides coaching, Iris also offers training programs on topics such as stress control, leadership, personal performance, and life balance.

Over the years Iris participated in countless personal and professional development programs ranging from Emotional Competence, Higher Ground Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Neuroscience, Conversational Intelligence, Landmark Education.

B.S., Communication & International Business, College of Applied Science Mainz, Germany

Higher Ground Leadership Coach
C-IQ Coach
Coaching Clinic Facilitator

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Gina Herald

My why is:

Area of Specialization: Customer Service, Team Building

Date joined Network: 01/01/2018

Gina Herald is a trainer, coach, and speaker with 20+ years of corporate experience. She worked at Nordstrom for most of that time and then started a customer service training and servant leadership development company.

A strategist a heart, she embraces the
challenge of helping all types of companies identify what they need to help them thrive.

Gina enjoys helping companies develop culture starting with building vision, mission, and values around their “why?” In addition to her retail experience, she has also worked in restaurants, manufacturing, wholesale and the trades. A strategist a heart, she embraces the
challenge of helping all types of companies identify what they need to help them thrive.

Gina is a graduate of Columbia College in Fashion Merchandising and Business

Certified DISC Trainer

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Jackie Parker

My why is: Believe

Area of Specialization: Diversity & Inclusion, Philanthropy

Date joined Network: 05/01/2018

Reaching out in Faith is not believing for something that does not exist, but instead receiving something that God has already made available in the Spiritual realm and bringing it into our natural realm. A motivated executive professional with 32 years of progressive experience in corporate philanthropy, diversity management, and employee engagement.

I help startup organizations launch their philanthropic strategy or establish Diversity & Inclusion programs. Jackie’s goal is to help business leaders unlock their full potential.

She is gifted with the ability to provide the right answers to perplexing questions and life decisions, and she teaches you to step into the unfamiliar, stare down the fear that holds you back and stand firm in your power and influence. Jackie listens intently and with laser sharp, almost surgical precision, delivers spiritual guidance and coaching that leads you to know and act upon your highest self. It is through this gift of discernment that the Holy Spirit transfers His wisdom to help illuminate options available in current circumstances.

Coaches Training Institute

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)

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Sybil Melton

My why is: Lifelong Growth

Area of Specialization: Sales, Sales Management

Date joined Network: 01/01/2018

Growing up in a military family which resulted in living in 8 different states and two other countries, afforded Sybil the opportunity to accept change and learn adaptability early in life. While spending some years in “Corporate America” in organizational development, human resources, corporate training, sales and sales management, and franchisor/franchisee business development and support.

Venturing into entrepreneurship allowed her to experience firsthand the challenges of running small businesses. Sybil’s passion is to empower business leaders with the tools, skills, resources, and community while living the life of their dreams.

Sybil is a graduate of Wake Forest University, B.A. She received her MBA from George Washington University.

Certified Networker Program

Gwendolyn Miller-Jones

My why is: Inspire and Enrich

Area of Specialization: Emotional Intelligence & Wellness Coach

Date joined Network: 06/01/2018

Seasoned, compassionate, innovative HR executive and coach with 20+ years in domestic and international organizations working with leaders and business owners. I am passionate about sharing knowledge, inspiring wellness and community service.

I am a business coach because of my strong desire to help others succeed, improve their communities and leave a legacy for their families.

I am a mother, grandmother and the middle child of eight siblings. My hobbies include yoga, meditation, botanical gardens, beaches, travel and a good fruit smoothie.

BSBA/MBA – Lindenwood University
HR Executive Management Program – Stanford University
Senior Professional in Human Resources
Certified Professional Co-active Coach
Certified Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach
Leadership Architect Certification
Team Performance Model Certification
Certified Servant and Situational Leadership
Certified Classical Yoga Instructor

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Perry Rhue

My why is: Equip

Area of Specialization: Career Transition, Leadership Development

Date joined Network: 4/16/2018

I am extremely passionate about equipping business professionals and coaching them to a place of high performance, service and results within their business and/or organization. My 30 plus years of experience in various areas of business has provided me with a healthy and diverse background for coaching individuals and teams to become their ultimate best.

During my time in Corporate America, I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of a two-time International Coach Federation (ICF) Prism award-winning coaching team. The ICF Prism award recognizes organizations that integrate coaching as part of their business strategy and is committed to enhance and improve their leadership.

I consider myself extremely blessed to do what I absolutely love, i.e., serving others through coaching relationships.

Professional Certified Coach (International Coach Federation)

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (The Coaching Training Institute)

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Certified (Centers for Applications of Psychological Type)

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Ken Sawyer

My why is: Blueberries

Area of Specialization: Marketing, Social Media Marketing

Date joined Network: 4/16/2018

My superpower is to see the creative ideas and planning around a well thought out marketing plan for my clients across multiple industries and business areas. I can quickly understand where you are and help you develop a very focused marketing plan a year at a time. By providing my clients with a focus and a realistic scenario, I help them reach your goals.

In my personal life, I am an organic farmer that grows blueberries, figs, and apples on two different properties. I produce, harvest and share my crops with friends and family. Each year I help people understand that they can grow sustainable food sources on their property and create an impact on their community. In the early morning, with the birds singing, as you gather blueberries for your table, it is hard not to enjoy life and have gratitude for small and simple things.

BFA in Print form Georgia College and State University


DIY Brand Journalism

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