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This is the third and final blog in the Who’s In Your Room series.  It is important to check out the first two before reading this blog. They can be found at:
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If you are too busy to read the first two, I will give you a quick summary.  Your calibration, your power, your success, are you referrable, your health,  your family,  and your spirituality are all driven by the people you allow in your room.  You have to have some criteria and some rules for who gets in and you have to kick people out from time to time.

I will make the bold assumption that you are on the journey of filling your room with supportive, energetic people who are full of life and who raise you up.  If not, get started.

Once you have made the difficult choice to surround yourself with amazing people, what do you do next?  A common myth is that you treat them as you would want to be treated, right?  Wrong! You treat them how they want to be treated.  I suggest creating a personal inventory of everyone in your network: their likes, interests, skills, desires, goals, plans.  There are many tools available for this.  It can be as simple as using your Gmail account to take contact notes,  or employing your contact manager on your computer, or perhaps using something more complex like Infusionsoft or Salesforce.  Whatever you do, make sure to back up this valuable data.

Once you start recording and understanding this information, the opportunity to start treating people how they want to be treated arises.  A few examples:  One of my business partners loves the store, Whole Foods, so I try to take him there as much as possible; another of my associates likes motivational materials so I send him some from time to time;  another friend likes golf balls, yes that is a little strange, but I will send him one occasionally.  More examples: My wife likes date nights so we plan them; my 7-year-old loves to run so I run with him; one friend needs an accountability partner so I do that for him.  I’m sure you get my point.  Figure out what people in your network need and make it happen.  Doing this does three significant things.

1. It deepens your relationship with them.
2. It makes you more visible and memorable.  They will think of you and your business when the time is right.
3.  It makes you infinitely more attractive.  No, I’m not talking about good looks.  I’m talking about the Law of Attraction.

Have you ever noticed that what you focus on happens more?  If you focus on good things, more good things happen.  If you focus on negative things, you attract more negative things.  This is a universal truth.  So as you continue to build your supportive, powerful network, you will attract even more powerful people.

As you attract more powerful people, they will be more connected and will have a greater capacity to help you achieve your vision and your goals.  My life over the last two years has been an example of this.  I have removed many negative relationships, clients, and friends from my life and replaced them with incredible people.  This year will be the best year I have ever had because of the people in my room. The cool thing is as you start this journey the progress is slow, but then, all of a sudden, you start to take quantum leaps and opportunities beyond your expectations present themselves.  You truly start to embrace a lifestyle of achievement.

Network Powerfully,