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Hello, my name is Sydney, and I am a marketing intern for High Achievers® for the fall semester. Getting to know this company and the team over the past few months has encouraged me to start preparing for my future career and business from a new perspective. By attending the company’s first annual summit, I learned more in a day than I thought possible, and felt so welcomed by the High Achievers team. Their passion for transforming business owners’ practices is inspiring, and I’m thankful that I get to say I am a part of this company and the incredible and powerful way High Achievers is disrupting the business coaching industry. If you weren’t able to attend the global summit, You truly missed an impactful day:

Finding a Lifestyle of High Achievement

The purpose of the day was spent listening to six guest speakers, each focusing on one of the 6 F’s – Faith, Family/Friends, Fitness, Finance, Fun, and Field. The day wasn’t spent just sitting and taking notes, however. The High Achievers team found amazing speakers that were engaging, funny, and included unique group participation activities in their speeches. High Achievers believes in Action Based Experiential Learning, ABEL, which includes learning from others’ mistakes and successes. So, each speaker shared some of their own stories but also gave attendees chances to share their own experiences with their tables or the whole group. Each speaker also encouraged attendees to put down action steps for each of the six F’s so they could improve every section their life and work.

What is your success without the balance of life and business?

The first speaker, Zach Thomas, shared how Faith can positively transform how we view work and treat our co-workers and employees. He also shared several of Chick-Fil-A’s training concepts and employee testimonials, which were all very uplifting. Next, Nancy Grabe taught us about Family-types, boundaries, and how to create a supportive, safe space for our families and employees. By taking a moment to see situations from the other person’s point of view, we can preserve relationships and avoid unilateral decisions. Our Fitness speaker, Olivier Oullie, inspired and impressed us all with his success in IRONMAN triathlons and daily training. He shared two practical steps to improve our fitness: 1, change the dynamics that are holding us back, and 2, give the best of ourselves each day, and we’ll see the rewards. After these first three speakers, we took a lunch break, and CEO David Alexander Challenges everyone in the room to recognize the thin line between success and failure. What is the catalyst to help someone fall on the edge of success not only in business but life? He also encouraged everyone to eat with someone they didn’t know before the summit and have a discussion of that thin line. After the lunch breakout session, the summit resumed with the Finance speaker, Dena Patrice. Dena taught us how to leverage our money strengths and fix the most common mistakes business owners make with their finances. Next, Maia Knispel filled the room with a dance warm up, bubbles, ukulele, singing, warheads candy, and clown noses. Yes, all of that in under an hour. Maia reminded us all to take time to have Fun, and that having fun is not unprofessional or immature, but may be necessary to keep us energized at work. Norm Dominguez closed out the speakers with his talk about Field, focusing on how positivity in our work yields positive results. He even gave away copies of his new book, The Magic of Positivity.

Energized Actions

My biggest take away from the event was the amount of support and mutual respect shown from all small business owners and the team at High Achievers for each other. The differences in the attendees’ occupations were used to educate and unite everyone, rather than divide or classify them. Besides the fact that these men and women went through much coffee, guests appeared more energized than when they arrived and stayed after to talk and network. I truly believe that the guest speakers and the High Achievers team accomplished a successful, uplifting, and productive first-ever Lifestyle of Achievement Global Summit. Knowing the impact the action steps and plans that each attendee took away I’m excited to see what they have in store for next year’s summit.