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High Achievers®

High Achievers® Our Story

High Achievers® is a company that was initially founded in 1998. When the company started, it was based on the principle of helping entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and small business owners Embrace a Lifestyle of High Achievement. Over the years the team of High Achievers has worked tirelessly to find new and inventive ways to help our clients take their company and their personal life to the next level. We have helped our clients through business consulting, seminars, training, business coaching and referral marketing for two decades, but we wanted to do more to change the world of small business ownership.

In 2016 everything changed for the company. We were dedicated to the idea that we wanted to help small business owners by coming along beside them and, step by step, helping them find ways to build better business skills, benefit from peer to peer wisdom, and ultimately get precisely the right business coaching at the right time.

Our current team lead by David Alexander has a singular focus on how we can help others build their perfect small business. Currently, we are compiling that by offering a unique franchise opportunity that is appealing to entrepreneurs who have the hustle and want to live and work at something that is lifestyle driven.

The team at High Achievers wants to change the world, and we do that through our vision, mission, and core values.

High Achievers® stands for:

Our Mission:

We create success for our entrepreneurial members and their teams, families, and communities by inspiring People, igniting Passion, creating Profit, and making a Social Impact!

Our Vision:

Empowering the world to embrace a Lifestyle of High Achievement 

Core Values

Lead and Learn, Open to Opportunities, Vision and Value, Excellence and Execution