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Fire up your referral marketing plan
SuccessWe talked about the master key to success recently and how passion is what you find behind all success. There is one other key ingredient, without which success cannot be found. No one ever becomes successful without doing something. You cannot achieve anything without Action. How do you get from Passion to Action?

I have seen many that are passionate, knowledgeable, good people that don’t achieve their full potential. Many reasons exist, but there is a simple formula for understanding the move from passion to action.

D x V x F > R

D = Dissatisfaction with how things are now
V = Vision of what is possible
F = First, concrete steps that can be taken towards the vision
R = Resistance

Where the product of the first three is greater than the Resistance, you will find change…you will find the impetus for action.

This equation may be simple, but as a friend of mine used to like saying, that doesn’t make it easy. If we look closely at the equation, there are four variables. If you don’t want to go back to Algebra 1, we can just say that there are four elements to the idea that can and do often change.

Personally, my favorite factor to work on is a vision. For me, expanding the vision is the easiest way to become more dissatisfied with my current actionstate, and the easiest motivation to take the first steps (Action). For others, taking a hard look at your current situation, honestly, is a really important factor. As humans, we tend to lull ourselves into satisfaction with the way things are, and then have less motivation to change, to act, and to achieve.

Here is about embracing our passion, and using the equation to spur ourselves to Action and Achievement.

Rich Martin