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Franchise opportunities for motivated small business owners and entrepreneurs that are savvy, have a strong business network and are looking for a business situation that is lifestyle driven. We are currently selling franchises in the United States and Canada as well as Master franchise opportunities worldwide.

High Achievers® Business Coaching Franchise

Protected Area

Each business coaching franchise opportunity will have a protected number of zip codes to help them maximize their business coaching services across thousands of small business owners. And provide you with a new revenue stream from your business coaching franchise opportunity.

At Your Fingertips

We are a technology forward company and set up each of our franchise owners with the technology they need to run their franchise from anywhere in the world on any device with web access. There is nothing better than knowing a team is behind you all the way.


Training for Real

Our franchise owners get training from our global business coaching franchise team. This team represents over 130 years of owning small businesses, and we pass our knowledge and wisdom along to you. Many of your team have owned a franchise in the past and understand what it takes to be successful.

Perfect launches

Our internal marketing team has built a launch program that works. In the first six months, we help you kick off your franchise in a very big way. This will help you gather business coaching memberships in your town quickly and get started the perfect way.

The Market

The total market for small business coaching is currently at $10 billion and growing. The opportunity in your city for small business coaching is more than likely is entirely untapped and desperate for a real solution. You will be able to scale services as you grow your client base.

Business coaching

We built our business coaching franchise opportunity based on three membership levels so that you could attract small business owners an retain them as they grow. You will be able to provide essential business training, Peer to Peer groups, and One on One coaching sessions. Most of which is produced by High Achievers™.

The "No Coach" Principle 

About the Team

Our specialized franchise deployment team represents more than 130 years of small business ownership. High Achievers® was built from the ground up to support our business coaching franchise owners. When you are ready to create your business coaching franchise opportunity, our support team has consultants from different areas of marketing. Business coaching, or franchise ownership expertise. The team as a whole has a passion for helping our franchise owners get the most out of their efforts and build a new growing revenue stream. We often find that existing business coaches, business attorney, financial planners, CPAs, commercial real estate, or other business services based company owners can quickly add and grow a business coaching franchise opportunity. We need Franchise owners to be good networkers and marketers on a local level. With the built-in support from High Achievers®, if you are good at those skills, the rest will fall into place. Because you are growing a business services franchise in a local community you with your existing networks will help you reach all your goals and live a Lifestyle of High Achievement™.

Business owner franchise opportunity on a global level

There are over 25 Million small businesses in the US and even a more significant number around the world. The business coaching industry is an incredible 10+ billion-dollar business opportunity. This is a growing community that is looking for business coaching services.

We are looking for coaches, consultants and other business leaders that have a passion for small business, want to work with a team and fundamentally change the success of business owners in a very positive way. If you are a business owner looking for a franchise opportunity will help you be a leader in the business coaching industry. You will also have the chance to make a significant impact on your local small business community by helping your clients understand what success means to them and how to take action to reach their goals.

Our franchisees will get access to two very innovative programs including our Catalyst Mastermind Group™ program and Nexpert Coaching™ program.

Franchisees and members have access to our large-scale facility of coaches within our system to lift members businesses to the next level of success in a very impactful way. Using our technology forward approach we can run our mastermind program and coaching programs providing best of class value at an extremely competitive price.

Please know this web page is not intended as an offer to sell you a franchise. In the U.S., federal law and the rules of each state identify everything that must be done before a franchise relationship can be established. Since this web page is available for anyone to review and we cannot restrict those viewing the page only to residents of specific states, we just want you to know that we will not sell or offer to sell a franchise in your state until we have taken the steps necessary to file and/or register a Franchise Disclosure Document in the way that is required by your state. If you're interested in learning more, please contact us. We can then let you know whether we are offering franchises in your state and provide you the information the law requires.

Essential Business Skill Training

This level of membership provides your clients with monthly half-day courses to train them in the practical and needed skills to operate a small business. Because small business owners typically have few resources, it is hard for them to be a master or even know everything needed to run a successful small business. The Essential Business Skills Training will help them fill the gaps in skills set and provide reinforcement for the skills they already have. Currently, there are more than 30 lessons and growing. Each training is developed by experts in the business area and is delivered with a interactive way that will compellingly engage your clients.

Peer to Peer Mastermind Groups

The second level of membership provides your clients with small peer to peer groups to help them build best practices from like-minded small business owners. As a mastermind group, they will support one another and be able to provide feedback and advice from a larger pool of wisdom and experience that they could on their own. Each month the group applies action steps and behaviors to reach goals. They also focus on accountability and gratitude for the group as a whole. Our Catalyst Mastermind Groups™ also have access to the Essential Business Skill Trainings on a monthly basis.

One on One Coaching

Our Nexpert Coaching Program™ is the most unique business coaching product in the market and is a complete game changer for our franchise owners. your clients will have access to a growing faculty of business coaches from different expertise areas. When they are ready to face the next business challenge they can switch to the next coach for their new need. Since all of the one on one coaching is provided by the High Achievers Network® the Franchise Owner can scale quickly. This allows you to focus on growing your groups and your business while still generating passive revenue. Of course, the members at this level also have access to the Catalyst Mastermind Group™ and the Essential Business Skill Training.

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