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Fire up your referral marketing plan

Everyone reading this wants more referrals, and there is plenty of information to help us refine our referral generation and plans disseminated thru the Referral Fire. The challenge is often in the implementation of these changes and refinements. Many of us make this implementation even more challenging by wanting big changes right away.

This is where we can look to a tried and true concept, one that was born of post-WWII American management training done for the Japanese manufacturing industry. The Japanese coined a term, Kaizen. The word Kaizen means improvement(technically it is a compound of two words, change and better). The concept, however, has grown into so much more. Kaizen has grown to mean continuous improvement or philosophy of improvement.

Rather than large changes, the concept of Kaizen is to set in place a culture of continuous improvement by a series of small changes. Kaizen is a daily process. The cycle of improvement is one that we can all implement in our personal lives, to better ourselves as well as our referral program.

The Cycle of Kaizen can be defined as:

– Standardize an operation and activities.
– Measure the standardized operation.
– Gauge measurements against requirements
– Innovate to meet requirements and increase productivity.
– Standardize the newly improved operation.
– Continue operation ad infinitum

How can and will you apply this to your Referral Marketing Plan/Life?

Good Luck and Good Networking