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For Small business owners

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When you need a valid business coaching plan for your small business, our team can help. Business consulting for small business makes us happy.

Essential Business Training

Every small business needs some training that will get them the right skills to be successful. We have put together a monthly small business essentials training groups throughout the world and online.


Some business owners do the best when they work with a motivated set of peers that support them and hold them accountable for their success. Our mastermind groups provide an industry exclusive safe place to work on your most significant challenges.

Specific Coach

Our Nexpert Coaching™ program was established to provide our business coaching clients the ability to work with a scalable faculty of specific business coaches from around the world. Nexpert™ allows you to work on specific business issues with an expert in that area and then switch your expert throughout the year based on your business challenges.


Our team of expert coaches, business advisors, and Catalyst Chair members believe in Action Based Experiential Learning. What this means for you is that everytime one of our business coaching experts works with you that they are providing you with real-world action steps to help you Embrace a Lifestyle of High Achievement™.

No Coach

The whole team at High Achievers® wants to help small business owners to inspire People, ignite Passion, create Profit, make a Social Impact! We never just say a bunch of platitudes or how you have the answers inside you. We want you to get practical advice to your most significant challenges and take action like never before to reach all of your goals.

About the Team

Our specialized coaching team represents coaching consultants from different areas of business expertise. The team as a whole has a passion for designing, planning, creating, and delivery of coaching services for small business. Our team will discover who and what your company does best and what you and your team struggles with each month. We can find your company’s weaknesses in training and work with you to take action like you never have before. Our business coaching team will do everything in our power to help you achieve all of your goals and help you embrace a Lifestyle of High Achievement™.

Every small business needs planning and understanding of where you are today.

Most companies need to know they are on the right path to with their company to reach their goals and ensure the future. There is a real struggle for your team to make sure that they have all the training and business advisement to make sure you are on the right track. On average, 80% of small businesses fail, and often it was for the reason that they could not see or plan for effectively. Many times a company will know that they need significant business coaching, training, and guidance to address all of the challenges that they face as they grow. Having access to a business coach can help a small business owner make a more significant impact in their community and help them live the perfect lifestyle for them. Some business owners never get to take time off or always feel swamped by the challenges that they face week in and week out. Through our family of business training and business coaching services, we can help you fight through all of these challenges and find the right path to success for you.

How to start a small business coaching plan that works?

We have created this short business assessment to assist you and your team in creating a starting point for a deep understanding of your strengths and weaknesses of your company. These questions will allow our business consultants a better understanding of where you are at and where you want to go. Completing this assessment will enable us to have a fruitful conversation about your small business and create a small business coaching plan perfect for your company.

Once you have completed this form below one of our coaching team will reach out to you to schedule a 30 to 45-minute phone or video call to go over this assessment. Based on that conversation our team will be able to give you a one-page small business coaching plan that will provide you with a path to success over the next year. The one-page small business coaching plan will be for you and your team to use it as a map for your company going forward. If you choose our team to help you design, create, and implement your small business coaching plan, we will use this one-page document as the Catalyst™ to spark the perfect solution for your business.