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High Achievers® is set to begin franchising across the nation and the world!

Coaching Franchise Opportunity

We are taking High Achievers® and all that we stand for to the local level with our new franchise opportunity. A High Achievers® franchise is unlike any coaching or business advising franchise to date. We are merely referring to this as the NEW coaching franchise! In this article, we are going to dive into what you can expect from our franchisees and the services our franchisees will be providing to entrepreneurs and small business owners in their area. You just might want a franchise of your own!

Being a leader in the industry of coaching 

Coaching Franchise Opportunity

With over 25 million small businesses in the US and millions of more worldwide coaching services have exploded into a massive $10 billion industry. There is still a hole in the industry. What is missing? How about a coaching service that brings together those small business owners into one place to talk about the successes and the issues facing their business. This is where High Achievers® enters. We are looking for individuals that are coaches, consultants, and business owners that want to help change their local economy by supporting the other small business owners in the area. This is done by bringing those small business owners into the three membership levels that our franchisees offer.

Our membership levels

Our franchisees offer local business owners and operators an incredible selection of support through our three membership levels. These levels build on one another and offer more in-depth and focused support with each tier. The first is our Essential Business Skill Training. This level of membership provides your clients with monthly half-day courses to train them in the practical and needed skills to operate a small business. Because small business owners typically have few resources, it is hard for them to be a master or even know everything needed to run a successful small business. The Essential Business Skills Training will help them fill the gaps in skills set and provide reinforcement for the skills they already have. Currently, there are more than 30 lessons and growing. Each training is developed by experts in the business area and is delivered in an interactive way that will compellingly engage your clients.

The second level of membership is our Catalyst Mastermind Groups™. Ever wonder if a small business could ever have aboard of directors? Well with our peer to peer Catalyst Mastermind Groups™ that is precisely what our franchisees offer small business owners in their area. Peer to peer groups helps business owners build best practices from like-minded small business owners. As a mastermind group, they will support one another and be able to provide feedback and advice from a larger pool of wisdom and experience that they could on their own. Each month the group applies action steps and behaviors to reach goals. They also focus on accountability and gratitude for the group as a whole. Our Catalyst Mastermind Groups™ also have access to the Essential Business Skill Training on a monthly basis.

Our third tier is our Nexpert Coaching Program™. It is the most unique business coaching product in the market and is a complete game changer for our franchise owners. Your clients will have access to a growing faculty of business coaches from different expertise areas. When they are ready to face the next business challenge, they can switch to the next coach for their new need. The High Achievers Network provides all of the one on one coaching the Franchise Owner can scale quickly. This allows you to focus on growing your groups and your business while still generating passive revenue. Of course, the members at this level also have access to the Catalyst Mastermind Group™ and the Essential Business Skill Training.

Time to take action

Coaching Franchise Opportunity

This has been an in-depth look at the High Achievers®  Coaching Franchise Opportunity and the services that our franchisees will be provided to small business owners and entrepreneurs across the country. If you think you have what it takes to make a significant impact on your local economy and the small businesses that keep it running then continue learning more about our franchise opportunity. Visit our franchise website, You can also call us at 678.888.0202.

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Join us at our Lifestyle of Achievement Global Summit

Lifestyle of Achievement

The Lifestyle of Achievement Global Summit is on Friday, October 19th, 2018, In Atlanta Georgia
There is one simple goal for this event to let each person come away with an actionable plan. We intend for you to leave with an action plan to live your best life! The Lifestyle of Achievement Global Summit is a one day experience is built around the following areas. Faith and Spirituality, Family/friends, Fitness, Finances, Fun, and Field.

This global summit is to pull together everyone that is a small business owner or solopenures that want to strike a balance in their life and career. The focus of our global summit will be the six F’s: Faith, Family, Fitness, Finances, Fun, and Field and how to build harmony of all of them so that you live to your fullest potential. Many small business owners will find the success that they are looking for by focusing on these six F’s. When you have a better understanding of them, it will unlock the secret of how you too can have a Lifestyle of High Achievement™.