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Do you know the top four books every business coach should read?

books every business coach

What are the top four books every business coach should read? We have answered that question with a list of our favorite books for business coaches. Many times as a business coach you hit a wall or find that you have an issue that needs to be addressed so that your coaching agency can grow. The team at High Achievers® has used business coaches in the past, and many of our staff have been a business coach before joining our team. We find that frequently being a solopreneur or small business owner can be a very lonely position. Being a business coach can be even more of a struggle unless you have significant resources and other coaches you can trust for support. As a way to give back to the business coaching industry and help other business coaches find the best path for them, we have put together a short list of our favorite books to read. These books have supported us through rough patches and also helped us make tremendous breakthroughs on the road to creating a global small business coaching company.

1. The Business and Practice of Coaching

Lynn Grodzki and Wendy Allen
The business coaching market is growing rapidly, and many entrepreneurs want to use their background and knowledge to launch a career in business coaching. The problem they face is that jumping into a business coaching agency has the same pitfalls as many other small businesses. You may have the struggle to have a stable business and marketing plan that works. You have to spend time working on your business coach practice as well as working with your clients. Many times a business coach will feel like an octopus on roller skates and are not be sure what direction is the best. Lynn Grodzki and Wendy Allen have put together their thoughts on the practical aspects and strategies for running a great business coaching agency. With their in-depth knowledge, they have delivered a knockout that is included in the books every business coach should read to focus and build the right behavior patterns to be successful.

2. Find Your Way

Simon Sinek
Many times when you start on a new path or career you hear all the voices around you saying, “ do what you love.”, or “Start something you are passionate about.” Knowing that you want to be a part of something more impactful or bigger than ourselves. You need a powerful WHY to drive your business coaching practice and knowing how to pick the right one and run with it are two different things. Simon Sinek has put together a book that will step by step allowing you to build your WHY and make it a real part of what you do every day. This book will give you focus and the purpose behind what you do every day in your business coaching practice.

3. Traction

Gino Wickman
Many entrepreneurial business owners and business coaches face some of the same challenges as they start and grow their agency. The everyday challenges we face in small business ownership mostly deal with time, team, or money. Traction will allow you to get a grip on your business and do so in a practical way. The book focuses on what Gino considers to be the six critical components of running a business. Through his experience and knowledge, you will discover simple but powerful ways to run a business and reach your goals. This book will help you understand how to run a business coaching agency with little to no frustration and lots of enjoyment.

4. E-Myth

Michael E. Gerber
Many consider the E-myth to be the cornerstone of business foundations and makes it one of the books every business coach should read. When you need to understand the fundamentals of small business ownership and see the progress from a startup to maturity, this is the book for you. Michael Gerber brings together a better understanding of the fundamental principles of working on your business instead of in your business. For small business coaches that want to build a robust and effective growth plan, this book is one of the great books every business coach should keep on hand as you plan and update your business through all the stages of growth.

books every business coach

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