Business Training for Coaches

Get the training you need to build your coaching business

Through training, we will help you with a business plan, marketing plan, and sales funnel that work.

Check back for dates late 2022.

Build your business fast

In two days, learn how to use our turnkey training to jumpstart your coaching practice.

Business Plan

Build a realistic business plan based on an existing successful business structure that works.

Marketing plan

Build a successful marketing plan that is scalable and will use new and existing business connections.

Sales Funnel

Learn how to sell this service quickly and efficiently with a simple and proven customer journey.

No Deliverable Required

Because we have built the system we deliver the service for you. You have little to no overhead or business headaches.

Get the training you need for a powerful business system.

Feel like it is time to grow your coaching practice?

Are you looking for an opportunity that will bring extra revenue to you and your business? The High Achievers Nexpert Coaching Program will help you build a perfect business. You can do this full time or add it as a service to your existing business. Nexpert Coaching training is a simple way to add the systems and support you need. Nexpert Coaching training can quickly add new clients or give more significant resources to your existing clients. Nexpert Coaching training is a two-day course that will cover :

  • Culture
  • Technology
  • Business Plan
  • Marketing Plan
  • Sales Training
  • Sales Funnel

After training, you will continue to receive monthly support from our team and other Nexpert Coaching members. We will use shared wisdom and guidance to help everyone get the support they need to be successful. The Nexpert Coaching program and training is just the start of your experience but will jumpstart your business.

What is the Nexpert Progam?

Are you charging enough?

One of the topics we will cover in training is are you charging enough to build a profitable business. Are you delivering too much for the clients you have?  How can target the right clients that will pay you what you deserve as a business coach and consultant?

Who is a good fit for the Nexpert Coaching program?

Our Nexpert Coaching system works for business owners, entrepreneurs, business coaches, and business consultants. The Nexpert Coaching program does work best for the following businesses:

  • Business Coach
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Networking Organizations
  • Membership Organizations
  • Business Consultant
  • CPA or Bookkeeper
  • Commercial and Realestate Professional
  • Life Coach
  • Business Insurance Brokerage
  • Business Networking Groups
  • Business Attorney Firms
  • Franchise Systems

How Do I Know If The Nexpert Coaching Program Is Right For Me?

We want to support you with systems and support that will help you build the business of your dreams.
When you are a business coach looking for a pathway to business success, you need systems and support to kick start a new venture then keep reading. The Nexpert Coaching program is training, systems, support, and a license to resell a business service -coaching, back to your network of clients and business owners that you know. If you are not afraid of putting in some hustle and want a business in a box, then the Nexpert Coaching program is right for you. The myth of a passive income stream does not exist. The Nexpert Coaching program will take work to build the business of your dreams. You will come away with a business plan, marketing plan, sales training, and a sales funnel that works.

Our Approach

In our experience as business owners, business coaches, and business consultants, we have learned that business coaches needed five elements to be successful. Business coaches need an effective business plan, a customer-centric marketing focus, a simple sales funnel, the drive to take action, and the training to pull it all together.

If you are excited about making an economic and social impact in your business community if you are a coach that is ready to take action, then starting the Nexpert Coaching program may be a good fit for you. The Nexpert Coaching system can make a significant impact if you have a network of business owners or clients that you want to give back in a powerful way.

How It Works


Sign up for two day training.

Nexpert Coaching training will teach you how to build and operate your business. You will learn how to construct an effective marketing plan that is scaleable. You will receive sales training and develop a simple sales funnel. Lastly, you will learn about the other systems and support to provide you with the resources you need to scale your business.

Reach Your Goals

On your journey to improve your business, you will be provided with training for business coaches on the right steps to take. You will have to do the work and effort to take action necessary to reach your goals. Through the Nexpert Coaching program, you will be able to get the training you need. You will have a plan and strategy to reach your goals.

Frequently asked questions by Nexpert Coaches.

I have struggled as a coach why would I pay for more training?

As some of you have experienced, coaching ia beautiful profession and a tough business. We at High Achievers have experienced the same. Because “old ways won’t open new doors,” we had to make some changes. This training is very different than what you had before. 

The Nexpert Coaching program is training that will provide you with the following:

  • A customer journey and sales process that does works
  • A website that highlights you and your area of expertise
  • Business Plan
  • Marketing Plan
  • Sales Funnel
  • Sales Training
  • New Revenue Stream
  • Easy to combine with your current coaching and consulting
  • Built-in scalability with 20+ Nexperet coaching clients
Two days and $650 is it worth it?

Yes, if you do not see this as an opportunity, please tell us no. If you take this opportunity and work at the process, this will work. We know it is a risk, but the information we provide is useful for your coaching business. Using this repeatable system, you will be able to add clients to your business.
There is no guarantee that this will work for you. You have to put in hard work and treat it like a business. You have to call on people and the market. Sell and put potential clients through a system that gets them to a yes or no.
Nexpert Coaching training is about making a social and economic impact that will push you out of your comfort zone. You have to take the right actions and build behaviors that bring you to your goals one step at a time.
If you have more questions, please email us directly at Nexpert@highachievers or call 678.888.0202.