The following article was recently published in Strategy Magazine, a National publication.

Today, Doug Grady, speaker, entrepreneur, musician, and President of High Achievers Network, strives to reinvent the miscalculations of unrealistic strategies that simply sit well on published pages. He may actually turn out to be the Father of “The Sales in All,” mentality and we are vouching for his elated methods.

…Grady got up in front of a crowd one day; placed his banjo on his knee and began to sign a parody about entrepreneurship to the tune of Gloria Gaynor’s “I will Survive…”

What about Grady’s message? Doug Grady offers sincerity. Doug Grady offers the right ticket; without the artificial additives and a pinch of entertainment. He presents the facts, as far as what needs to be done in a sales arena and he caters to all.

“I believe in building the character of the person selling… in order to get across to the client, prospect, or people in general. You can’t sell anything unless you know where you are and where you are heading,”

We know Grady is on to something with his music, but more than that, is he bridging the platform between the self-help industry and the world of selling into one conference. His method of delivery is unique and radical, and is offered live, online, via podcasts, and CDs.