Meet Our High Achievers Network® Coaching Team

David Alexander

His Why Is: Dream

Area of Specialization: Leadership, Franchising

Date joined the High Achievers: 1.1.2018

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Kimberly J. Alexander

Her why is: My Herd

Area of Specialization: IT Project Management, and Non-Profit Management

Date joined the High Achievers 1.1.2018

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Rich Stroiney

His why is:  Create Success Opportunities

Area of Specialization:  Business Operations

Date joined the High Achievers 9.1.2020


Kris Cavanaugh Castro

Her why is:  Impact

Area of Specialization: Leadership Coaching & Biblically-based Spiritual Coaching

Date joined the High Achievers: 7.1.2018

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Lakshmi Dady

Her why is: Clarity & Freedom

Specialties: Organizational Development, Millennial Diversity/Inclusion/Retention

Date joined the High Achievers: 1.17.2019

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Jennifer A. Gage

Her Why Is: Encourage Excellence

Area of Specialization: Stop Unwanted Behaviors, End Procrastination, Overcome Fear

Date joined High Achievers: 1.1.2018

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Dena Patrice Grant

Her why is: Service

Area of Specialization: Business development, executive presence and mastering your money psychology by discovering and leveraging money strengths.

Date joined the High Achievers: 6.1.2018

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Erwin Grigorian

His Why Is: Strategic Thinking

Area of Specialization: Strategic Marketing, Lead Generation, Branding

Date joined the High Achievers8.1.2018

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Debbie Harris

Her why is: Connector

Area of Specialization: LinkedIn Marketing

Date joined the High Achievers®:  8.1.2020

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Genevieve Holmes

Her Why Is: Sanguine Supporter

Area of Specialization: Training & Development, Organizational Leadership, Conflict Resolution

Date joined the High Achievers: 9.1.2018
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Alan King

His why is: Competitive Advantage

Area of Specialization: Organization Design

Date joined the High Achievers Network®:  9.1.2018

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Sybil Melton

Her why is: Lifelong Growth

Area of Specialization:  Sales Management

Date joined the High Achievers®:  1.1.2018

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Warren Williams

His why is: Transform Business

Area of Specialization: Business growth strategies, building better Profit

Date joined the High Achievers Network®:  7.1.2018

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