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High Achievers® Business Coaching Franchise

What We Offer

Our franchisees are a low-cost investment with franchise fees beginning at $30,000 with a liquid capital requirement of less than $50,000. Our Franchisees continually get supported with an industry-leading training and coaching from our team.

Every year we invite all franchisees, and team members will come together to celebrate our success at our global lifestyle of achievement summits.

Catalyst Mastermind Group™ Program

Nexpert Coaching™ Program

New business coaching franchise opportunity on a global level

There are over 25 Million small businesses in the US and even a more significant number around the world. The business coaching industry is an incredible 10+ billion dollar business opportunity. This is a growing community that is looking for business coaching services.

We are looking for coaches, consultants and other business leaders that have a passion for small business, want to work with a team and fundamentally change the success of business owners in a very positive way. Your business coaching franchise opportunity will help you be a leader in the business coaching industry. You will also have the chance to make a significant impact on your local small business community by helping your clients understand what success means to them and how to take action to reach their goals.

Our franchisees will get access to two very innovative programs including our Catalyst Mastermind Group™ program and Nexpert Coaching™ program.

Franchisees and members have access to our large-scale facility of coaches within our system to lift members businesses to the next level of success in a very impactful way. Using our technology forward approach we can run our mastermind program and coaching programs providing best of class value at an extremely competitive price.

Please know this web page is not intended as an offer to sell you a franchise. In the U.S., federal law and the rules of each state identify everything that must be done before a franchise relationship can be established. Since this web page is available for anyone to review and we cannot restrict those viewing the page only to residents of specific states, we just want you to know that we will not sell or offer to sell a franchise in your state until we have taken the steps necessary to file and/or register a Franchise Disclosure Document in the way that is required by your state. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact us. We can then let you know whether we are offering franchises in your state and provide you the information the law requires.