High Achievers

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Helping you build the business of your dreams through shared wisdom and guidance.

Mastermind Groups

Mastermind groups help you benefit from shared wisdom in a confidential setting. Our mastermind groups are built on taking action, having accountability, and helping you overcome your most significant challenges. You would meet with your small group once a month to help you on your journey in business ownership.

Business Guidance

Sometimes you need help on a very specific business need. It is hard to find just the right consultant or coach to help you overcome business issues. We have built a community of business coaches and consultants that have a specialty in over 140 specific business areas and industries to fit your needs as you grow.

Helping You Achieve Success

Business Mastermind Groups use shared wisdom

Business Ownership can be a very lonely journey and just having a group of other business owners to help you overcome your largest challenges and capitalize on your missed opportunities will help you Embrace a Lifestyle of High Achievement.

Do you struggle with finding the right team?

Do you ever have cashflow issues?

Do you and your team have the time to do everything?

Are you tired of being a boardroom of one?

Goal Setting

We believe in setting specific actions that are tied to goals to help you step by step get to the perfect spot for your business.


Most business owners not only need advice, but a system of accountability to help them grow.

Life Work Harmony

Finding the harmony for everything in your life and work can help you find the perfect path.

Shared Wisdom

There is nothing better than to have a team of trusted peers to help you through the tough spots in business.

What Is a Mastermind?
Who is a good fit?

Our members are local business owners just like you. Most business owners are going to face cash flow problems, Finding the right employees, or just having the right plans in place to do everything at the right time for the right reasons. If you have a handful of employees or if you are starting in business and you are looking for a way to overcome the challenges you face every day, then you are the exact person we want to help.

Where are your Mastermind Groups?

We are forming new business Mastermind Groups in the Chicago areas.

Who can join the Mastermind Group?

Thr Chicago business mastermind groups levels are a great fit for entrepreneurs, small business owners, solopreneur , independent agents, managers, and salespeople who are looking to reach their goals and take action so they can achieve success for their family and community. We match the right people into the group that will make the best sense for the business and situation they are in.

When do the Mastermind Groups meet?

Each business mastermind group will meet once a month for 3 hours. The time and day of the month will typically be on a regular cadence and dates and will be determined by the members of the group. 

What happens at the Mastermind?

Our business Mastermind Groups have a set agenda and are ran by a chairperson. Each time your group meets you will focus on setting goals, planning, taking action steps, having accountability and open business discussions in a protected environment. Each month you will use the shared wisdom of the members to work on your most significant issues and opportunities to help you build the business you have always dreamed and planned.

Why join a Business Mastermind?

We know that being a local business owner can be lonely and that many times we need help, but have little to no one to turn to for wisdom, or guidance. By providing mastermind groups and business advisor mentorships we have now provided a way for you to get the help you needed to build the perfect business for your lifestyle and vision. When you started your company you had a dream. Then the dream slowly gets eaten up by the little things that we are not sure how to overcome, but stop us from having the perfect business.


"I have seen tremendous change for me and my fellow members."

"The Catalyst Mastermind Program gave me my life back, and I consider it what it did for me priceless."

"You are with a group that is like-minded people that will help you focus on the challenges you face."

"It helps me grow and scale my business in a very helpful way."