HIGH ACHIEVERS® and Trustegrity®

Are going global!

We are helping you build the business of your dreams through shared wisdom, business guidance, and the right connections.

Select the location near you to visit a local Catalyst Mastermind group or Trustegrity Connections Group. If we do not have a location near you, please complete the form at the bottom of this webpage. We will be in touch with you soon

    Catalyst Mastermind Groups

    Catalyst Mastermind groups help you benefit from shared wisdom in a confidential setting. Our mastermind groups are built on taking action, having accountability, and helping you overcome your most significant challenges. You would meet with your small group once a month to help you on your journey in business ownership.

    Trustegrity Connection Groups

    Trustegrity provides a community for making connections, knowledge-sharing, and collaboration. We are passionate about deep professional relationships built on trust and integrity. To bring that into reality, Trustegrity facilitates an exclusive invitation-only business community. Our members Connect, Confide, and Collaborate which allows them to build meaningful professional connections to help them achieve their goals.


    “I have seen tremendous change for me and my fellow members.”

    “The Catalyst Mastermind Program gave me my life back, and I consider it what it did for me priceless.”

    “You are with a group that is like minded people that will help you focus on the challenges you face.”

    “It helps me grow and scale my business in a very helpful way.”

    Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

    We know that being a local business owner can be lonely and that many times we need help​ but have little to no one to turn to for wisdom, or guidance. By providing mastermind groups and business advisor mentorships we have now provided a way for you to get the help you needed to build the perfect business for your lifestyle and vision. When you started your company you had a dream. Then the dream slowly gets eaten up by the little things that we are not sure how to overcome, but stop us from having the perfect business.

    Our mastermind groups and business coaching systems help our members overcome these obstacles so that the pathway to reach your goals is clear.