28 people on my team reached a new production level during just the first half of our 40 Days of  FOCUS! This program is a game changer!

Blondina Polazzo


40 Days of FOCUS has helped me focus on what I want to achieve personally and in my work.

Dottie Dow

Keller Williams Realty

My 40 Day FOCUS eventually led to losing 92 lbs and 20 inches from my waist.

Bruce Troville

Troville Insurance

I focused on keeping one small commitment and I finished more BIG things than I thought I ever could.

Dominic Carubba

The ADD Guy

I launched a coaching certification program that I had been thinking about for over a year.

Siddeeq Shabazz

former NFL Player and Lifestyle Coach

Keller Williams Video Testimonials

Bob Kilinski

Blake Glover

Tim Kaylor

Valerie Miles

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Bruce’s choice to write his thoughts in a notebook for 40 days led to losing 92 lbs and 20 inches from his waist.

We will lead the industry by striving to help our members truly embrace high achievement. This will be accomplished through building communities of people who love, support and grow each other. Our members will be engaged in training communities where they will interact with each other, with our faculty and stakeholders of High Achievers to build accountability to enable them to reach their goals.

Value Statement

We are a leading training and development company focused on creating value for our members, friends, team members and stakeholders. This will be accomplished through teamwork, understanding, persistence, discipline and effective communication.

Mission Statement

We provide the environment, mindset and skillset to allow our members to create success through maximizing personal potential. This will be achieved through the application of action based experiential learning “ABEL’.

Vision Statement

We embrace a lifestyle of High Achievement.