Sandi Edwards coordinates High Achievers public relations and marketing. She has an enthusiastic approach to helping people grow their business through many channels, resources, referral marketing, and personal growth.

She is no stranger to Marketing, having over 18 years of marketing experience. Prior to Marketing, she was an MRI Technologist and currently holds her American Academy of Radiology certification. While in this position, Sandi trained the Radiology students as their Supervisor, mastered the high stress level of the Operating Room, and loved taking care of her patients as if they were her family.

Sandi resides in Marietta, Georgia with her three amazing children and has been awe struck at the phenomenal people they have become. A total LAX or lacrosse mom, who spends hours on the field in all conditions, and attends all school events. When she has the opportunity, she stays active by working out, spending time with her family, being outside or down the shore, and loving on her boxer puppy, Loki. (which very appropriately means “the wily trickster god of Norse mythology.”)