Productivity From The Inside Out

Promise: Improved productivity!  What would happen if your team improved their productivity by 40%? Productivity From The Inside Out identifies the strategies and mindset to improve FOCUS and productivity.  This team program is $495.00 plus expenses.

Participants will learn:

  • Three strategies to FOCUS the Mind and Improve productivity
  • Criteria for performance standards
  • Three essential steps to change
  • How to double productivity in the next 40 Days

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David Alexander has changed my life. David proceeded to lead a lively discussion about the goose and the golden eggs. It was a turning point in the way I market my business and ask for referrals. The very next day, I got three referrals, and one of them was the person I had named! I could not believe it. Since then, I continue to ask for, and receive referrals from my referral sources. That has helped me build relationships with several realtors who continue to refer their clients to me. Talk about a recession buster! Those referrals are golden!”

Patty Chakales

CIC, CISR Brank Insurance