Nexpert Coaching Membership

Are you ready to fully embrace a lifestyle of achievement? Hire a High Achievers coach. The High Achievers Coaching membership includes your choice of one of the following:

1. Weekly 45 minutes meetings.

2. Two 1.5 hours of meetings.

3. One 3 hours meeting per month.

Your program will be tailored specifically to your personal goals. You will also receive exclusive membership into our Catalyst Group Program to High Achievers Radio.

In addition to our trainings, webinars and radio events, each week we will unlock the High Achievers vault giving you exclusive access to audio, video and written content from the best of over 18 years of personal and professional development trainings.

A sample of the first few modules you’ll receive with your membership:

Joel Weldon, Extraordinary Selling: Using the Willie Factor

Doug Grady, Sales KILLERS

Jim Rohn, Challenge to Succeed

Scott McKain, All Business is Show Business

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Our library also includes articles and audio presentations from America’s top leaders in education and personal development such as Jack Canfield, Denis Waitley, Les Brown, David Alexander and more!

Nexpert Coaching Membership: Fully embrace a Lifestyle of High Achievement

  • Annual $6950.00 ($1390.00 in Savings) or Monthly $695.00
  • Includes Catalyst Group
  • Capitalize on your existing team, customers and equipment
  • Empower managers to exceed expectations and succeed
  • Optimize your business for growth and stability
  • Quit being chained to your business; have it work for you
  • Optimize the results from your organization
  • Develop effective negotiation skills that will help you win more clients
  • Have fun winning at the game of business!