What does a lifestyle of High Achievement mean to you?

  • Reaching your full potential?
  • Financial success?
  • Time with family?
  • Freedom to enjoy the pursuits that are most meaningful to you?¬†Whatever your definition, we are here to provide you with the inspiration, tools and techniques to create a lifestyle of high achievement.

Not for just one day, one week or one month, but an ongoing lifestyle!

To help you on this journey, we offer several types of membership in High Achievers.

Catalyst Group Membership

  • Annual $1490.00 ($298.00 in Savings) or Monthly $149.00¬†
  • Catalyst Groups focus on the following areas:
  • Training, Learn from the experts.
  • Planning, Develop and refine your business plan.
  • Advisory, Challenge and accountability to Succeed.
  • Community, Support to take your business to the next level.

Nexpert Coaching Membership: Fully embrace a Lifestyle of High Achievement

  • Annual $6950.00 ($1390.00 in Savings) or Monthly $695.00
  • Includes Catalyst Group
  • Capitalize on your existing team, customers and equipment
  • Empower managers to exceed expectations and succeed
  • Optimize your business for growth and stability
  • Quit being chained to your business; have it work for you
  • Optimize the results from your organization
  • Develop effective negotiation skills that will help you win more clients
  • Have fun winning at the game of business!

Business Fuel

  • $2500/month
  • The Business Fuel Program will help you:
  • Develop a world class team to lead your business
  • Refine and optimize your business plan
  • Scale your business
  • Create strong accountability and feedback loops
  • Participate in opportunities to invest and grow additional business