Lifestyle of Achievement 40 Days of FOCUS Series

Promise: Achievement is much more than a set of skills and strategies  or even accomplishments. It’s your choices. It’s how you show up in your work, your family, and your community. It’s your relationship with yourself. It’s your body, mind, and spirit. It’s your response to the inevitable challenges in life. Make the choice to increase your personal value and powerfully impact the people you lead, love and serve. Your choices matter. Choose powerfully.  During this series you will take the 40 Days Of FOCUS program six times.  Each time you will focus on one of the six F’s decribed below.

Do You know the The 6 F’s ?

~Faith and Spirituality. Consider worship, prayer, meditation, service, study, leadership and actively seeking people who share and can strengthen your faith. Do you need a mentor? Can you be a mentor to others?

~Family/friends. Look at the important relationships in your life. Are there areas you would like to grow? How are you showing up? What are you committed to?

~Fitness. This includes overall health and wellness, nutrition, rest, and energy level. Consider your habits, your professional help (doctors, trainers, other professionals), and lifestyle. What can you let go of?

~Finances. Look at your debt, budget, income, investments, unnecessary expenses, potential opportunities, etc.

~Fun. This includes hobbies, adventures, travel, life experiences, bucket list…

~Field. Where are you heading in your chosen profession? How will you get there? It will Include training and development considerations for you and your team.

If you were to do 40 Days of FOCUS 6 times, it would cost $2400.00.  The 40 Days of FOCUS series is an amazing value at $950.00.

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