Four Levels of Integrity

Promise:  The Four Levels of Integrity explores how to specifically live a life of integrity, both personally and professionally.  This is a fantastic program which will teach your teams how to operate in intergrity.  This program can be trained as a half day workshop.  The price is $495.00 plus expenses.

Level One: The Carrot and The Stick.  Integrity happens primarily through an external structure which has been set up to encourage desired behavior and discourage unwanted behavior.

Level Two: Do It Anyway. Integrity happens independently of feelings and external circumstances.

Level Three: Lifestyle. Integrity is a natural, pleasant self-expression of being or becoming.

Level Four: Throw Your Hat In The Ring. The act of making an external, time-bounded commitment of what you intend to take on or accomplish. Internal and external drives combine seamlessly in a life of integrity.

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Brian Tracy

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