Fire up your referral marketing plan


Building-RelationshipsRecently I was reminded of an article that I had written about business relationships being like personal relationships. posted here . I was reminded of this article by a personal relationship that I am currently in. So, I went back to my original and realized that I missed one important facet. If the relationship is worth having, it is worth working for.

You would think that this is a self evident fact. Unfortunately too often both in personal and business relationships we allow our egos or outside events to get in the way of relationships. A Referral Marketing plan is all about relationships. If you want to succeed and flourish in business, referrals can be a very cost effective tool to get more business.

Referrals may be viewed as a tool in the marketing world, in fact businesses all over are trying to boost their word of mouth marketing. What we believe and teach is that the most efficient way to market your business is through referrals. In order to maximize your referability, the focus of your business shifts to relationships. Relationships with your customers, vendors, suppliers, and most importantly with referral sources.

In the former article I compared the process most of us know, of dating to that of building business relationships. I have found challenges abound in building both relationships. Dating can be exhausting. Relationships of all kinds take effort to build them and make them work.

Think about the results that effort can yield. A good relationship with a Referral Partner can yield a steady stream of referrals. Wouldn’t you like to have a steady stream of referrals?

Good Luck and Good Networking