You’re plugging away, you’ve been disciplined for a period of time, you’re starting to see results. And then you slack off for no apparent reason.

Boredom, the sneaky thief of momentum strikes again.

Boredom is a state of passivity. It can be the ultimate excuse for not doing anything. When boredom has a hold of you there is nothing, in particular, keeping you from doing what you said you would do,

you simply don’t feel like it.

Stealing momentum. Momentum is lost in several ways. On one side is unexpected stress, obstacles or other external forms of resistance. It may be loud, disruptive and disturbing (“I just can’t take it anymore!!!”). On the other side is a breakthrough or achievement which may cause you to feel justified in taking a break. It can feel exciting, noble and may even include celebration (“I deserve it!”). Somewhere in the middle is boredom. It tends to be subtle, soft, and sneaky.

The thrill is gone… When we begin any journey there may be a level of excitement, newness, and anticipation. After a while, that level of excitement and enthusiasm may dissipate. This is boredom’s favorite time to strike.

The fight is gone… You’ve “been there, done that.” You know you can do it, so that hurdle is behind you. That little voice inside may say something like, “why bother?”

Familiarity breeds contempt… You become tired of doing the same old same old. You roll eyes and that little voice sighs, “not this again…”

“Character is the ability to carry out a good resolution long after the excitement of the moment has passed.” -Cavett Robert

Boredom is a feeling. Just like other feelings it too shall pass. And like other feelings you get to choose whether or not it holds you back. Boredom preys on the illusion that we must always be motivated and inspired to move forward. The reality is you can be bored and still do what you’re committed to (see Do it Anyway).

Battling Boredom:

  • Challenge yourself. You may be bored because you are ready for the next level. What does that look like?
  • Mix it up. Whether it’s exercise, lead generation, content development, or study, there are usually more ways than one to engage in any discipline.
  • Let someone else lead. Go to the gym with a friend, ask for advice, read a blog about your chosen discipline.
  • Stay focused on your progress. Continue to look for ripples that simply wouldn’t be there without engaging in your commitments.

Whether it’s a 21 Day Cleanse, a 30 Day workout program, 40 Day of FOCUS or any other personal or professional development program, the sneaky little thief boredom is waiting to steal your momentum. Don’t let it.

Questions for consideration:

  1. How has boredom stolen your momentum in the past?
  2. What does your “voice of boredom” say to you?
  3. How will you battle boredom the next time it strikes?