Top 10 blogs of all time!

I encourage you to take some time over the next few days to read these amazing blogs.

Have your resolutions been a challenge?

Are you having your best year ever?

Maybe, just maybe, you need a little inspiration!

Over the last few years, we have published a top ten list of your favorite blogs from the year before. This year we are changing it up a bit and sharing our top ten blogs of all time. Our top ten blogs have been viewed over 47,000 times. We are super grateful to you, our readers.

As you read these blogs think about the lessons you’ve learned and the challenges you’ve overcome. Please share these in the comments section.

Top ten blogs of all time! Click blog to read it in its entirety.

Please share some or all of these blogs with your network. They had a real impact on me as I was reading them again, many of which I have not read in years.

  1. Love Like Crazy, By David Alexander, Views: 12033
  2. Sermon On The Mount, By Doug Grady, Views: 11921
  3. How To Break A Bad Habit, By Doug Grady, Views: 6831
  4. Integrity: Carrot Or Stick, By: Doug Grady, Views: 3070
  5. Confidence Formula Napoleon Hills Grow Rich, By Doug Grady, Views 3070
  6. Compassion Into Action, By David Alexander, Views: 2768
  7. Discipline, By Doug Grady, Views: 2096
  8. Are You A Lone Wolf Or Part Of A Wolfpack, By Rich Martin, Views: 1826
  9. Louis Zamperini, By Doug Grady, Views: 1778
  10. 21 Day Cleanse Day 8, By Doug Grady, Views: 1758

If you accomplished something amazing in 2016 or overcame a challenge, please post that in the comments section. Let’s create a conversation and create an amazing 2017!

Network Powerfully,

David Alexander