Fire up your referral marketing plan

plan for successMonths ago I brought up the cycle of Kaizen, and mentioned that it could help us all in our referral generation. In that blog post I asked how you had or would use this cycle to increase the amount of referrals that you receive(d). If you didn’t get a chance to read that post, you can here. It was suggested that I revisit the concept of Kaizen and explore the individual steps in the cycle.

Even though Kaizen applies to any process, we will be exploring it specifically in relation to referral generation. Many of us feel that Referrals are something that happen by chance. For years David and I have been teaching businesses how to produce referrals through the use of a Referral Marketing Plan.

Do you have a plan to get more referrals?

While working with companies, entrepreneurs and sales professionals, the most common mistake related to referral generation is the lack of a plan. With the right plan, and consistent implementation, referrals can be consistent, plentiful and of high quality. A great place to start building your plan is found in the best seller Networking Like a Pro. The first step of the Kaizen Cycle is Standardize an operation and activities.

Make a plan and then work the plan. Obviously, without a plan and consistent italian_job_9408implementation of the plan, referrals will remain random and inconsistent. Another fault that I have seen is an individual spending too much time planning and preparing the plan. Notice that the Kaizen step is standardize and operation and activities. As a young soldier in the US army, I learned that you can never make the perfect plan sitting in a room. Unlike the movie The Italian Job in real life there are all kinds of unforeseen things that pop up, and unintended consequences to actions. You really can’t have a perfect plan until you implement the plan and start making adjustments.

It really does follow that implementing the plan is just as important as making the plan.

Good Luck and Good Networking