“The 21 Day Turn-Around is a total surrender of your body to good health and a new beginning. We’ve designed this cleanse to give your body a push to flush out all the toxins, but also to ease you into a healthier lifestyle.” –Arden’s Garden

The 21 Day Cleanse (Day Eight), by Doug Grady

When my good friend and mentor Day Adeogba speaks, I listen. He recommended I take on the Arden’s Garden 21 day cleanse. After some consideration, I committed.

You may recall I did a cleanse last year. It was 14 days all raw fruits, vegetables, and nuts. But I had to do it my way- I refused to give up coffee. On this one, I am ALL IN. No sugar, wheat, dairy, smoking, drugs, supplements, vitamins or alcohol. I know what you’re thinking- what the heck am I going to eat??

I think I have consumed more vegetable nutrients in the last seven days than I did in the previous two months combined. This has been facilitated by the purchase of a new juicer and multiple trips to the produce section. You sure can save time shopping when you get all of your food from the same aisle.

Week one was pre-cleanse. Aside from the lack-of-caffeine-induced forgetfulness (I arrived at rehearsal Monday without my banjo), the week was pretty smooth. By day five I didn’t miss the coffee and on day six I felt fantastic.

Today is Day eight, the first of seven consecutive days of juice or smoothies only. I have been told this is the most challenging time of the cleanse. My energy dipped a bit late morning, but overall I feel pretty good.

One of the many health benefits of a cleanse is the potential for your body to heal. When you eliminate or take a break from the excluded substances mentioned, your body utilizes more energy for the healing process. I have personally been dealing with a persistent hip injury. 21 days is a tiny investment to make for the potential return of avoiding hip surgery.

Beyond the health benefits, there are mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects to a cleanse. When you let go of elements of your life that you have become dependent on, you can rock your own world. You open yourself up to breakthroughs in every area of your life.

I’ll check back in with you between now and day 21.

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